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Cross Commerce Solutions is South Korea's leading full-service cross-border online, offline service provider. Cross Commerce Solutions offers professional services including Merchandising, Logistics, E-Commerce Solutions, Global Web Services, Mobile App Solutions, Hosting & Maintenance and Digital Marketing.

Our Services

Cross Commerce Solutions's mission is to provide Korean businesses with complete in-house solutions to venture into the challenging and ever-demanding international market. Built on years of experience and their thorough analysis of company needs, the Cross Commerce Solutions team of experts will provide companies with customized foreign Merchandising and E-commerce solutions to help them expand their presence in the global market to increase their corporate value.


E-Commerce OMS Plug-in

Our intelligent backend solutions designed based on the analysis of daily work habits our cross-border sellers save up to 80% of repetitive work with an extremely user-friendly design.



Web Service

Lead your global service in the right direction. Cross Commerce Solutions provides reliable website solutions for any business to succeed in the international market.




Professional services including logistics, customs clearance, storage, import & export processing, foreign exchange settlement, tax refund, finance, etc.




Cross Commerce Solutions will create a mobile homepage and solutions based on the client's existing website for optimal presence in the international market.




Our experienced local teams in Asia and Europe and Oceania are well versed in approacing various brands
and distributors globally to get the products you need.
We will assist you along the whole process from initial meet and greet, setup, communications, current and future procurement.



We are experienced and can aid in introducing the right logistic partner to you,
finding the right logistic partner for you in Asia, Europe and Oceania to suit your needs,
managing forwarders, Settinng up back office facilities, training your staff, tailor fit to your current and future requirements.




Cross Commerce Solutions offers digital marketing services such as SEO, SEM, display advertising, social media and email marketing campaign to build an effective online presence.

Interior Design Materials

Add substantial style to your walls with Wide - Ranging wall decor offered at CCS. Whether a PS Panel, Designed Acrylic Panel, Stainless Steel Sheet, and Interlocking Moudling, CCS’s Wall Decor materials offering dress up any space.

No matter your style, we’re guaranteed to have something for your taste and your budget.

Compost Turner

Turning animal waste products into quality fertilizer, solving the issue of animal waste management and providing a quality alternative source of fertilizers


Covid-19 Related Products

Industry certified products currently available for purchase range from IR cameras and hygiene masks, to surface protection film and COVID 19 testing kits.

As the pandemic continues to grow and evolve, we seek to match that pace by always striving to improve our range of products.

CCS is confident that we will be able to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients and the affected nations of the world." 

For more information, visit our links below, or write us an email to find out access to our full product catalogue.


Cross Commerce Solutions team of experts are well-informed professionals always willing to go out of their way to get the job done.


WOY Investment

Investment Company in South Korea